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  He or She? cover  

BOOK TITLE : HEorSHE? "The View is better when your on the fence"

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Part Vicky Lee's auto biography with supporting contributers biographies. Part encyclopedia of tips, with answers to many questions about the why's and wherefores of cross-dressing and transgender. An expose of the creativity unleashed through the transgender experience. A must buy for anyone wanting to understand gender confusion and gender joy...

AUTHOR : Vicky Lee author of The Tranny Guide, Award winning host of The WayOut Club

£10.95 + delivery


  Transgender atoz cover  

BOOK TITLE : Transgender AtoZ

PRICE (including UK delivery) £6.95
international delivery will be calculated by our ordering system

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : 286 pages, 1000,s of pictures (black and white). Exceptional reports, Super Star reports, international reports, business profiles, personal profiles, detailed listings of events, shops services and places to go. This book IS a travel guide, but far more importantly It is an INSPIRATION - as it clearly shows that cross-dressing and transgendered people exist in abundance world-wide : Tell me more ...

AUTHOR : Vicky Lee author of The Tranny Guide, Award winning host of The WayOut Club

£4.95 + delivery



  He or She ? and Transgender AtoZ  

BOOK TITLE HEorSHE and Transgender AtoZ discounted bundle

Discounted "Bundle" Price ...

Buy a copy of Transgender AtoZ with a copy of HE or SHE?

£14.95 + delivery


  get dressed book cover  

BOOK TITLE : Get Dressed "Breaking out of the Crossdressing Closet "

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Part auto biography Part agony aunt. The most unusual and therefore, I think, most interesting part of Gina's book, is the detail that she includes on how all the photoshoots were set up for each edition. The locations the faking, beg stealing and borrowing. The back-stories on the models and the make-up artistes. Tell me more ...

AUTHOR : Gina Lance author of Girl Talk Magazine

£10.95 + delivery


  Alice in genderland cover  

BOOK TITLE : Alice in Genderland

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : An unusual auto biography that explores compartmentalising of a life to achieve a balance to satisfy the duality of gender and sexuality that some people "enjoy" but few understand. Another must read book for all that want to understand the full breadth of the transgender umbrella. Tell me more ...

AUTHOR : Dr Richard J Novic, M.D

£5.95 + delivery


  Crossing the Line cover  

BOOK TITLE : Crossing the Line

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : This book presents 60 full page, full colour pictures taken between 1999 and 2003 in London. Artist - photographer Sara describes her thoughts and experiences while researching this project and how they relate to these picture. She is extremely insightful and you can learn much from what she writes. Tell me more ...

AUTHOR : Sara Davidmann artist, sculptor, photographer

£8.95 + delivery


  Transvestism & Crossdressing Current Views cover  

BOOK TITLE : Transvestism & Cross- dressing ... " Current Views"

PRICE (including UK delivery) £13.50
international delivery will be calculated by our ordering system

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : This book is a collection by professional writers and by participants in this much misunderstood activity. Public perceptions may be formed by a generally unhelpful portrayal by the media, while textbooks inevitably approach the subject from a pathologising viewpoint. This book aims to answer some of the questions in a more detailed manner than is possible on the helpline, while being non-directive and non-judgemental - and without being an apology.
Tell me more ...

Edited by Jed Bland and Published by the Beaumont Trust

£10.95 + delivery




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