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  Repartee cover edition 60  

MAGAZINE TITLE : Repartee International

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : The UK's premier life style magazine for the transgender and cross-dressing community created by Rose's group ... Tell me more ...

EDITOR : Bella Jay

Latest edition AND all back issues available

A4 format glossy paperback

£9.95 + delivery (5.95 + delivery back issues)


  Transliving magazine cover  

MAGAZINE TITLE : Transliving International

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Rapidly improving lifestyle magazine appealing particularly to the transsexual and transgender community - Now with great new production team... Tell me more ...

EDITOR : Transliving International

Latest edition AND six back issues available

A4 format full colour glossy paperback

£9.95 + delivery (5.95 + delivery back issues)




  Transliving cover issue 28  


BRIEF DESCRIPTION : TGirls are also real people with a wide variety of interests. But one set of iconic influences that many of us share are the 40s and 50s. Well thats where 'Milkcow' magazine comes in with adverts for shops selling sexy retro clothes, reviews of escapist themed events and full weekends of dressing up and partying to swing and rockabilly music, along side classic cars, hotrods and burlesque dancers. So for inspirational pictures, retro clothes shops, escapist themed events with liberal modern girls and guys and great alternative music - try a copy of Milkcow Magazine

A4 format full colour glossy paperback

£3.95 + delivery


  Girl Talk Cover  


BRIEF DESCRIPTION : UK produced magazine featuring 26 pages of detailed personal contact adverts for those of you looking for an escort or TGirlfriend experience ... in a 98 page mag full of "readers wives" style photo spreads exploring slutty TGirl scenarios and explicit interviews ... This flirty magazine give T-girls an outlet to titilate all that like your girls with a litte extra and may be exactly what you are looking for.

EDITOR : Suzy James

A5 format full colour glossy paperback

£6.95 + delivery


  T-Girl Contacts  

MAGAZINE TITLE : London T-Girl Contacts

BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Profiles and contact details of top class T-Girls available throughout London. Plus enlightening articles and picture stories... Tell me more ...

EDITOR : H Productions

A5 format glossy paperback

£5.25 + delivery



  Girl Talk Cover  


BRIEF DESCRIPTION : USA produced magazine featuring amazing transgender models in exclusive photoshoots with props, scenery, costume, and make-up as only Hollwood can do. Regular editorial articles from an all transvestite staff. Contributions and reports from throughout America. Interviews photo reportage. Female Icons that we admire facinating unique interviews. ...
SPECIAL NOTE Sought after Rare magazines limited quantities available Tell me more ...

EDITOR : Gina Lance

A4 format full colour glossy paperback

£10.95 + delivery




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Since 1993 The WayOut Publishing Company Ltd has provided information, through The Tranny Guide, to the full spectrum of the transgender community including: first out and regular; TVs, Transvestites, Cross Dressers, T Girls, Trans girls, She Males, Lady Boys, Drag Queens and pre and post op Transsexuals, plus friends, family, public media and admirers. This web site now offers a TG Book Shop offering titles and authors from around the world.

This site also offers a freeTranny UK Tranny Guide, free magazines to download plus the history of The WayOut Publishing Company.We also offer an archive of Tranny Guide articles to browse for free. and a service to publish your manuscript and sell your book on your behalf. We hope you enjoy The WayOut Publishing website. Should you have any comments or suggestions we would be happy to hear then as your feedback is always appreciated. Vicky Lee
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