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UF 1 UF 2vicky housewow issue 3 cover
WOW issue 1 in 2005/6 .......... WOW issue 2 in 2006/7 ............ I then took a break and built a house !! ............... WOW issue 3 in 2008/9

Hi From Vicky Lee
I have just completed WOW issue 3 and you can see this online HERE now. Advertisers will also benefit from this magazine being distributed as a printed magazine throughout 2009.

I can now offer you new advertising opportunity in WOW edition 4 which I will be working on throughout the year with a target of distribution Christmas 2009 and throughout 2010 edition of WOW (incorporating an updated and improved Tranny Guide)

Meanwhile, right now, I can offer to advertise your service online HERE by adding your details in our FREE TrannyGuide, we can also offer to you (for a small negotiable fee) a prominant banner space anywhere on this website (or www.thewayoutclub.com).

All my contact details are HERE for you to get in touch with me. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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WOW (WayOut World) Magazine (Incorporating The Tranny Guide)
This is an anual, full colour, glossy A5, publication with 64 pages (minimum).
Examples of our previous editions are available as a PDF downloads on www.wayout-publishing.com .
I have planned editorial space and amazing pictures all in full glossy colour in this FREE magazine.
Dependent on the level of advertising support, we aim to include a 'Tranny Guide' listings to UK
events, shops services and places to go, plus 'Tranny Guide' editorial articles. This year we will printed 8,000 copies

This FREE magazine will be continuous for 12 to 18 months from late December 2009
- Posted direct to the 4000 customers on the WayOut Publishing and WayOut Club mail list
- Available as a PDF download from www.thewayoutclub.com and www.wayout-publishing.com
- Available to visitors to the WayOut Club
- Distributed to London's alternative bars, shops, and clubs
- Available at the Manchester 'Sparkle' event, at the info point
- Posted direct to all 'Doreen Fashions' mail order customers
- Posted direct to all 'WayOut Publishing' mail order customer

We are offering
1/4 page 60mm wide 90mm high £ 99
1/2 page landscape 122mm wide 90mm high £199
1/2 page portrait 60mmwide 184mm high £199
full page 122mm wide 184mm high £398
full page bleed off edge 148mm wide 210mm high £398

" It has the best circulation of any publication in this niche market
" It is the only free, full colour, quality publication in this market
" It has a very good reputation after 15 years of the Tranny Guide and The WayOut Club
" Vicky Lee was awarded the Sparkle TG award 2008 for service to the community and aims to better that

The years of success enjoyed by The WayOut Club and WayOut Publishing since 1993 is the result of
our continued effort to create opportunities and spread awareness of other opportunities
for the transgender community to enjoy. Join us now, jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

SELL OUR BOOKS through your service or business
The books HEorSHE? and the Transgender AtoZ are selling very well.
If you would like to sell either of these books we can offer wholesale prices
(minimum order 5 copies) plus delivery at Royal Mail cost
Product 1 x price 1 x delivery 1 x total wholesale YOUR profit
HEorSHE? £14.95 £2.85 £17.80 £7.50 £7.45
TG AtoZ £7.95 £2.85 £10.80 £3.50 £4.45

We have already overhauled www.thewayoutclub.com and after publication of this WOW magazine
www.wayout-publishing.com will be overhauled to concentrate purely on publishing products.
We have had to upgrade our web hosting to cope with the number of hits that our sites receive.
There are a number of banner spaces on these sites. We can offer links from your banner
to your site at a reasonable fixed fee for 12 months.
All advertisers in WOW magazine are offered banner space in the link page shared by both our sites
which are going to be pretty crowded after this update.

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Since 1993 The WayOut Publishing Company Ltd has provided information, through The Tranny Guide, to the full spectrum of the transgender community including: first out and regular; TVs, Transvestites, Cross Dressers, T Girls, Trans girls, She Males, Lady Boys, Drag Queens and pre and post op Transsexuals, plus friends, family, public media and admirers. This web site now offers a TG Book Shop offering titles and authors from around the world.

This site also offers a freeTranny UK Tranny Guide, free magazines to download plus the history of The WayOut Publishing Company.We also offer an archive of Tranny Guide articles to browse for free. and a service to publish your manuscript and sell your book on your behalf. We hope you enjoy The WayOut Publishing website. Should you have any comments or suggestions we would be happy to hear then as your feedback is always appreciated. Vicky Lee
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